At CCFF, our refinishing process is unparalleled. We don't take short cuts! 

We take the necessary steps to ensure a high quality, long-lasting, factory-smooth finish. 


Our innovative 5-Step Process:

Step 1: Custom carpentry, embellishments & extensive prep. All doors, and drawers are removed and taken off-site to the CCFF warehouse. Basic carpentry may be done at this point as well.

Step 2: All cabinets sanded & cleaned. If you are changing your hardware, all holes are filled with wood filler so that new knobs and pulls can be installed.

Step 3: Priming. Once cabinets are properly prepped we use a high-quality primer designed specifically for your cabinets. Wood cabinets require a different primer than laminate cabinets. 

Step 4: Basecoat/Topcoat using our specialty paint designed for cabinets. This paint is more durable than any other paint product on the market. All of our products are sprayed. We do not roll or brush. 

Step 5: Clean up and installation. We will also install new hardware on all doors and drawers if the client provides. 


We are fully licensed, bonded and insured. Business license and insurance certificates available upon request.




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